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Welcome to Palate Teaser.  I have been cooking for most of my life and I feel it is time to share my love of cooking with others.  Cooking is fun and can be therapeutic.  I encourage you to try new recipes and get out of your comfort zone.  It took me many years to learn the recipes you follow don’t need to be perfect and making mistakes is a great way to learn.

My interest and passion in food began when my sister was tasked with making dinner for the family.  She would take frozen meats (whole chickens, pork roast, etc.) straight from the freezer and throw it into a pot of boiling water.  The boiled meats would be sliced and served with Vietnamese fish sauce and rice.  Sometimes the meat was cooked, but most times it would be raw.  She would toss the meat back into the pot to continue cooking.  It was at one of these moments that I decided I would teach myself to cook and never eat boiled meats again. 

I spent my afternoons at B. Dalton bookstores leafing through cookbooks and magazines. My first attempt at cooking was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for my family at 12 years old.  Each year, my dad would receive a free turkey, stuffing, and boxed mashed potatoes from his work.  Being first generation Vietnamese, we didn’t roast our turkey, but my mom would chop it up and braise it with soy sauce, cellophane noodles, and mushrooms and toss the stuffing and mashed potatoes in the trash.  

That year, I declared that I will be making a traditional “American” Thanksgiving dinner.  My family was game, they too were tired of the braised turkey and wanted something more “traditional” like everyone else.  The turkey turned out juicy, the stuffing moist, and the mashed potatoes were almost as good as KFC.  (LOL)  It was at this moment, that I realized cooking is not hard, but it brings joy and happiness to those around us.

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