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Crab Asparagus Soup
Palate Teaser

Crab Asparagus Soup

Growing up, I watched my mom make crab asparagus soup on special occasions or large family gatherings.  White asparagus is expensive in Vietnam and since asparagus is not native to Vietnam, many people believe this

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Caramel Sauce
Palate Teaser

Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

The Vietnamese caramel sauce is ubiquitous to Vietnamese cuisine as fish sauce.  This is staple in all Vietnamese household and has many uses.  The caramel sauce is sweet with a slight bitterness and provides a

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Prime Rib
Main Dish
Palate Teaser

Prime Rib Roast

The perfect prime rib roast is one that has only a tinge of gray on the outer edges of the roast and the remainder is cooked medium rare throughout.  Over the years, I have experimented

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